Happy Thanksgiving ‘18


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You guys! Thanksgiving ’18 is about to begin. What are we gonna do with it? Eat too much? Maybe. Wear stretchy clothes? Maybe. Be spiritually aware of those around us…listening more…and waiting for God’s nudge? Definitely.

My Maw Maw is celebrating in Heaven today. This will be the first Thanksgiving that my momma and her family will have to go through without her. Knowing about grief myself, I understand. Today…amidst being thankful…by God’s grace…I plan to just be available. A shoulder, a hug, a smile, or laughter. I want to be sensitive to their needs. I understand the depth of this. Five years ago during Thanksgiving, we were waiting to bury my sweet daddy. So with that in mind…I want to be very sensitive today. Thankful…and aware. I’m not sure why I feel this so heavy on my heart. Maybe you all need it too.

So…let’s move on a bit. Do you all bake tons of pie? We are actually switching it up and having fajitas with my parents. I made a huge batch of fresh salsa last night. Our girls made custard pie and our famous Granny Ruby’s chocolate chip cookies to take. My sweet husband loves pie. I need to make a New Year’s resolution to make him one a week. That would be fun!

Whatever your traditions…may the be blessed. May you feel Jesus at your holiday table. May you remember to listen today…and step in…wherever the Lord wants you to serve. That is my prayer for our own day.

Love from the Farmhouse,

November Thoughts


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Hello guys! How is life treating you? We have been busy! This season of life has us meeting ourselves coming and going…but it’s a good busy…I think. Anyway…thoughts on November today.

1. Cozy. Give me allllll the blankets, good books, crochet, and spiced cider. (1 jug of apple juice, one bag of Red Hots and heat on the stove until melted. You will thank me.)

2. Cheer. Halloween is over for another year and the holiday season has begun. TBH sometimes (a lot) I struggle with all of that. I have sincerely prayed for the Lord to help me with it. He has. I am enjoying it already. It can be so overwhelming…but I want Him to give me the right perspective.

3. Cherish. November is a bit solemn for me. My sweet daddy went to be with Jesus, the week of Thanksgiving, 5 years ago. They say that time heals…and I agree somewhat. If I let my mind go there though…my heart aches…just the same. I choose to cherish. I cherish the memories…mostly of him being our kid’s Poppy. He was so proud of them. That is a gift.

There you have it, Dirt Roaders. A few thoughts on November. It’s a month that smells like pumpkin pie spice…mixed with cedar. It’s a month of gratitude to the One who walks with us all through the year. Now that is something to write home about. 🖤

Love from the Farmhouse,



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You guys! I have been blogging for six years now! Some of you have been there from the very beginning and some are new to Along the Dirt Road. Whatever the case…thank you! Thanks for joining in and enjoying the ride with us!!!

Although this blog is filled with home decor, and actually all things home, my hope has always been that it would feel like a little stopping off place for any who chose to do so. Like driving down a country road and seeing an old country store. You know that you just have to stop.

One time, years ago, we were heading home from Fox, Arkansas, and did that very thing. Now Fox is out in the middle of what some folks would call God’s country. The folks talk a little slower there…drawing out their words a bit more. Families are very tight knit and it makes you proud to belong, in some form, to a place like that. We went “home” to Fox when it was time to lay our Granny Corrie (Cora) to rest…after all…she was the one that connected us all to each other. Anyway…back to the country store.

I don’t even remember where this place was. What I do remember is how I felt when I stepped inside. The high ceilings were something from years gone by. The creaking wood floor, the displays, just the whole thing felt like I had stepped back in time. My dad was delighted because this trip, going to Fox, was a part of his boyhood. He loved his family deeply…and he was proud to share that with us. It warms my heart to think back on this little stop off. It also makes me miss my dad…more than I can explain to you. But…back to my point…

My dear, sweet, Dirt Roaders…when you stop by here…I want you to feel that. I want the peace of Jesus Christ to radiate through these posts. I want you to be able to take a deep breath with me and maybe even a step back into yesteryear a bit. I want you to feel like you have stepped into a cool, shady, place on a hot summer day. Or…a warm and toasty place…when the world outside is chilly.

My love of antiques stems from that longing. Just to be in touch with a more simple time. An admiration and deep respect for generations before. I am glad that you all are on this journey with me. After all…the more the merrier.

So today…I say…”Aww thanks.” You all are the absolute best and I thank the Lord for you, my readers. May He bless you from your nose to your toes!!!

Love from the Farmhouse,

Late Summer Bittersweetness


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Well late summer is here, or so we think. When August rolls around it feels that way doesn’t it? Letting go of the carefree days of summer and looking toward the more scheduled way of life.

I enjoy both. I love having the kids home but they thrive on a schedule. It’s always bittersweet. We can relax more in the evenings during summer break but then the weekends become more special through the school year.

I enjoy late summer. It makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because it starts a new season. When I was little it was because of my birthday. Yes…I tend to get a little older during late summer.

On a different note…ol’ Fibro just wont quit lately. I have an appointment tomorrow to try to get some relief. Any of you Dirt Roaders deal with this? I am an avid reader so I try to find all of the tools that I can to cope. Can you believe that you can be tired of resting? Well…you can. Scouts honor!

Tonight is a very busy one. Calves going to the sale barn, an open house, and I have laundry galore. (Don’t get down in your get along…or your laundry breeds!) Plus our garden is still going strong…which is wonderful, but busy. Our area is also having camp meeting this week and some of us are going to that. Whew!!!

Whatever you all have going on during these late summer days…I hope that it’s enjoyable. I hope that the love of Jesus breaks through it all and fills your hearts with joy. His love is all sweet, nothing bitter.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Sweet ol’ Summertime


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You guys still soakin’ up the sun? I have been hearing folks mention fall lately. My mother in law and my husband love fall. My friend does too. I enjoy the cozy seasons so much…but for now I’m enjoying sweet ol’ summertime.

I enjoy the garden in the summer. It’s so fun to have fresh goodies to eat or to put up for winter. I love taking pictures of it too.

I made the kids my usual refrigerator pickles too. They are already enjoying those. Makes my heart happy.

My husband and son have already been to the annual livestock auction at the fair. It’s a favorite of theirs in the summer. This one was a beauty!

Whatever your favorite season…I hope that you guys are enjoying each day of sweet ol’ summertime.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Just a Quick Line


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Guys! There you are and here I am. Just popping in with a quick line because….May is crazy! It almost rates right up there with December on the busy scale. Our kiddos have been a bit busier than usual so that means mom is too. So…before I pop back off of here and clean this house a bit…a few pictures from the Farmhouse.

If you follow on IG you know that a few beeish things have been abuzz here. There is something very earthy and summer-esque about honey. Anyway…it’s been fun. I have some friends that have inspired this new little love. Thanks Maranda and Kristy!!!

Do you guys have your Americana decor up and running? I have been adding touches here and there. So much fun!!!

Whatever you guys are up to I hope that your summer (almost) is off to a great start!!! Okay…now off to clean a little before I have to make my next kid drop off.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Pollen Gets in Your Eyes


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Hello…from the Ozarks. I hope that everyone is well today. Things are coated in green in our neck of the woods. So…although the song says “smoke” pollen does get in your eyes.

I am takin’ it easy today. We cleaned and scrubbed over the weekend, so that is done for a few days. I had a project that I needed to finish for the church, and that is done too. Of course…laundry is chugging. It’s a hobby of mine. 😉

On a side note: It’s yard sale season! All the junkers pump their fists. Above are a few treasures from last week. All the heart eyes for kitchen goodies.

(Crate and Barrel)

Whatever you are up to and wherever you are…I hope that the pollen can be parted and you can get on with life. Wear goggles if you must. We won’t laugh. Much. 😉

Love from the Farmhouse,

Farmhouse Hygge


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It’s Thursday, Dirt Roaders!  It’s almost the weekend! You have made it! Fist bumps all around!  Today I thought that we would visit a little bit about Farmhouse Hygge.  Have you been hearing the word hygge tossed around?  If not, I will elaborate a bit.

Hygge (Pronounced HOO-GA) is a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable friendliness with feelings of wellness and contentment. It has become a very popular vibe for home decor, especially the more casual and relaxed farmhouse, cottage, and log home styles. I love the whole concept. Surround yourself with things that feel like home to you.  I tend to use that hashtag when I post something that feels very hygge to me.

If you have followed here very long I’m sure that you can sense the love for things that mean home to us.  Most of the things that I keep have some sort of meaning behind them.  I tend to shop second hand for older things.  I enjoy things that are gently loved and look like they have a story to tell.  Lots of the things that we have are passed on from family members or friends.  My mom, my mother-in-law, and I, tend to pass things back and forth between our homes.  “Here…I’m tired of this for a while.  You wanna use it?  Just don’t get rid of it when you are bored with it.” lol!  My mother-in-law is using a Victrola cabinet that my mom let me use in our first home over 20 years ago. I’m telling ya…we are no stranger to the junk swap. My mom has a wooden cabinet above their toilet that was my mother-in-law’s. My mom also has a barn wood corner cabinet that my father-in-law made for us. The longer I work on this post…the more things I can come up with.  I’ll not keep listing stuff. You’re welcome. 😉

Whatever your idea of hygge is, I hope that you have it.  I hope that you surround yourself with things, colors, textures, scents, and photos that you love.  If Farmhouse Hygge is your thing…I hope that you go for it.  If simplicity floats your boat…may you enjoy that to the highest power.  This ol’ world can be kinda (a lot) crazy.  I hope that whatever your idea of home is…you step into that at the end of the day.  Whether it’s in a New York City apartment or at the end of a dirt road, may your heart breathe a little sigh of contentment when you get there.

Love from the Farmhouse,


16 Loads and Whadda Ya Get?


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Clean laundry!!! That’s what you get. I don’t really have 16 loads…but I have our washer swishin’ and our dryer fluffing. I am so thankful for the washer and dryer.  I know this isn’t super exciting stuff…but it’s real life.  Since I was sick over the weekend I didn’t get much laundry done.  It breeds when you take your eyes off of it.


This vintage print hangs in our laundry room.  I love it.  Hanging pretty things in your laundry room or area is key.  After all…it’s pretty much a hangout.

On another note…May 1st.  Can you even believe it?  This year is zoooooooming by. The sun has been shining here in Southern Missouri the last couple of days.  It’s beginning to feel like spring.  Just in time for summer. 😉


Do you guys make your own laundry soap? I have been thinking about it.  I use the wool dryer balls in the dryer, but I still use liquid detergent.  I don’t have front loaders but I do have he machines. I would love it if you would leave me your laundry thoughts. Recipes on homemade soap…bring ’em.  Is it worth the hassle?  Does it scratch your Gain itch.  lol! I know…I know…we don’t need all of that artificial fragrance…but I am a scent lover.  Blame this ol’ schnoz on the family tree.


Don’t worry, Dirt Roaders, I don’t owe my soul to the company store.  Or our washer and dryer. lol! Jesus owns that. I do a lot of laundry though. I’m not complaining.  It’s a comforting way to serve our family.  I have said before…I will take this over walking down to the pond and scrubbing them on a rock.  That is what you call doing laundry!

Over here with 16 loads. (Jaaaaay Kaaaaay!)