Trials Make Us Better



I went to the ophthalmologist a while back. I was having major vision complications..and he decided that is was due to the side effects of some meds that I had been on. He then looked me right in the eyes and said “Some of us just seem destined to suffer…but it makes us better people.” 

It doesn’t feel that way does it? It feels hard, and scary, and we feel like we are failing the test. We feel like we don’t know which way to turn…or who to go to for help. Then we remember that God knows all and we take a deep breath.

I’m not going to candy coat it. Life gets hard at times. Super duper hard. Sometimes…super duper scary. I was reading in the book of James this morning about God sending trials our way. Guess why? To make us better people. Hmmm…seems that I’ve heard that somewhere recently. 😉

Sweet friend, if life has been a little on the tough side lately…I want to share something with you. Tomorrow is Good Friday and to the world…it looked like the end. This is the kicker: God could see the big picture and He knew that Jesus wasn’t finished with His work. Things were going to look brighter. What had happened was only going to make everyone better.

You see…it looked like a trial…but it became a triumph. Oh Glory!

Love from my heart to yours,

Dirt Road Riding


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Today, my mom came over. She is precious. She also has shingles. Nothing is touching the pain…so I whipped up a mix of essential oils for her, doctored her sores, and wrapped my arms around her gently, and asked Jesus to help her. She was feeling better in no time. Thank You Jesus!

That is an old picture. Neither one of us has felt that good in a while. I am on the heat pad…as we speak. Anyway…after that…we decided to ride to town to get something to eat…just as we were. Don’t ask. Lol!

We might have looked like that. Ha ha!

Anyway…we did run through the drive thru at “the Dairy Queen.” Chicken basket anyone? On the way back we, of course, hit the dirt road. They are inevitable if you want to get back to our little hillside farm.

We found this beauty, in the spring sunshine.

Dirt road riding is a favorite of mine. It is a means of relaxation. Mom and I have been doing that…my whole life. I am thankful to live on a dirt road. I will trade it for a clean vehicle…any day of the week. 

By the way…while I still have you here…I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading my few words. Thank you for mentioning to my husband that you read my blog…and thank you for the comments. They mean so much to me. Thank you also for being patient…while I try to get my health back on track. It has been a booger bear the last couple of years. I never knew…but now I know. Compassion fills my heart for those that feel cruddy…every day. Anyway…just thanks. My Dirt Roaders are the best!!!

Love from the dirt road,

Dirt Road Musings

You guys. You totally sweet and faithful guys. Thank you for being patient with me. You are absolutely the best. So…without further ado…some dirt road musings.

I was going to make meatloaf for supper…but I just got a text from my oldest…suggesting tacos. Taco Tuesday…your powers are strong. By the way…that isn’t a meatloaf above…but I didn’t have a meatloaf capture. 😉

Are you guys all decorated up for Easter? This is an old mantle shot…but it makes me want to put all of my scales together again. Hmmm….

While I’m digging up old mantle pictures…

It’s almost time to put the whale back out!!! He’s so fun for summer.

It’s been fun chatting! I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter and that the risen Savior warms the very depths of your heart.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Spring So Soon?

I don’t know about you guys…but we have hardly had any winter in SoMo. It is crazy. I love a little winter…so it has been bittersweet…and leaves me asking “Spring so soon?”

You know the old saying “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” ??? Yeah…I’m doing that. It’s getting all springish up in here. 

Soooo…I am going to drag more bunnies up from the basement and stuff like that. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the carrot garland and the cast iron bunny. I love putting a few seasonal things out for the kids.

Spring so soon? Maybe so.

Love from the Farmhouse,


Here I Am

You guys! Where have you been? Just kidding, just kidding! It was me. I was a bit AWOL.




absent from one’s post but without intent to desert.

But…here I am. 

I won’t bore you with all of the crazy happenings, (mainly illness) but I really have missed blogging. I need to get back in the swing of things. I am trying. Sometimes that is all we can do.

I hope that you have a blessed week and a happy Valentines Day tomorrow!!! 

Talk to you soon!


Happy Thanksgiving to You!

Good morning! I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. We are getting Thanksgiving week kicked off. The kids are out of school and turkey plans are being made.

I plan to spend my week loving my family, counting my blessings, and just enjoying. Doesn’t that sound wonderful!?

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.May God bless you…to overflowing.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Pebble Gray

I was over the Spa Blue. It had actually been with us for eight years. Crazy!!! Time really flies. Also…some of the bathroom hadn’t been painted since we built. Sooo…I introduce you to Pebble Gray.

I absolutely love it. A beautiful neutral gray, that is very warm. When I pick my grays I always start with black at the beginning point. This one seems to have a tad of a brown tone, almost dusky, like dove gray.

This paint actually came from Walmart. We have used their paint several different times and love the durability. So…if you are looking for this color…that is where I found it.

This color is just so cozy. That is important to me. Cozy is my favorite.

So if you are looking for a color that is bright…yet soft…cozy and warm, Pebble Gray is a good choice.

Happy Weekend!!!


Two Things


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I know. Shocking. Two posts in two days. I aim to please. Lol! Soooo…two things.  Well…maybe three.

1. If you have a man that brings you a     white pumpkin home from the grocery store…keep him.

2. McDonald’s has really upped their game. Their fries taste better out of those little baskets. 🙈

3. You just can’t improve on the handiwork of God. His eye for beauty never ceases to amaze me.

Those are my two (three) things for you today. Feel free to let the comments roll! 

Love from the Farmhouse, 


Back in the Saddle Again


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Hey Guys!  How are you?  It’s been forever and a day…but today…I am back in the saddle again.  I appreciate those of you that continue to stop by to see if I have posted.  That warms my heart. My posts have been a bit spotty over the last several months, as I have concentrated on my health, but I do still love blogging.  Life has a way of bumping us up out of the saddle.  We have to be careful how we land. For those of you that don’t know…my Chiro calls it Fibromyalgia, and Doc calls in nerve related pain.  Whatever you label it…it’s not fun. That being said…life goes on and we have to roll with it. I’m learning to roll…in all of that time that I’m not blogging. *Winky face. Sooooo enough of that…let’s get this party started, shall we?


I was slow about getting my fall decor out this year.  It was a very warm, humid, and summery September.  It just didn’t feel like pumpkin spice weather…no matter what Starbucks said. (btw:  We don’t have a Starbucks here…but I do love the PSL at McDonald’s once in a while.) Anyway…it finally cooled off and then warmed back up again. Typical Southern Missouri weather.  I did get out the fall stuff, some of it anyway. We visited the pumpkin patch, (So fun!) and we have been enjoying this cozy time of year. The little pumpkin lights above are so fun.  I found those at Big Lots and I love to turn them on of the evening, while we are all in the family room.  I brought the pine cones up out of the storage room too.  I just love pine cones in our home. So cozy…when you have grown up with pine trees, big and tall, in your front yard.

Okay….so this beauty above. My friend Shannon…found her at a sale the other day.  I’m pretty sure that this little wash stand has been living in someone’s barn.  Shanny called and said “Hey…do you want this?  I already asked my hubby and he said “no.”  lol!  She is a mess…and she knows me very well. At fifteen dollars…I caved.  The Mr. and my mom helped me spiff her up a little on Saturday.  We (he) had to evacuate a spider or two. Gag! Now she sits in the hallway of the Farmhouse in all of her white chippy glory…holding our radio, a lamp, and some twinkle lights in a ball jar. Oh, and also a white pumpkin that the Mr. picked up for me at the grocerystore. ❤  She is perfect.

Now…about that mantle. I have been wanting to do this forever. I have seen this idea on Pinterest…and at Magnolia. (Not in person…although I do have family close to Waco.) Sooo…on Columbus Day…the Mr. and I had an adventure.  We hunted high and low on our place for logs to use in this project.  We came up dry…so Shanny to the rescue again. We dug through their wood pile, then she used her dad’s chop saw. (Now the Mr. has chop saw on his Christmas List.) At this point it needs a few more slices and I am also tucking faux moss between the pieces.  I will show you the finished result. I love it.  It adds lots of coziness to our mantle and our family room.

Then there is this little gem.  I went to a Vintage Junk Trunk show in our town and came home with this little table. I wasn’t sure where to put it…but it’s so  cozy in our kitchen. I’m not big on clutter…and when new things come in I try to take old things out…so we shall see how it goes.  For now though…I love it here. I am told that it’s a little map table. It has folding legs.  Super sweet!


I finally filled my wash tubs with pumpkins.  They actually came from ALDI.  They have such good prices on their pumpkins there…that you can’t hardly beat it. Anyway…it’s sure good to visit with you guys again.  I hope that Jesus is blessing your autumn…from your nose to your toes!


Love from the dirt road,