The Life of a Maker


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Do you all have a hobby? Crocheting started as a hobby for me. A stress reliever of sorts. Then it turned into a small business. I am so thankful for that. The life of a maker…is the life for me.

It took me a while to find my niche, but I always knew that it was something along the creating lines. From the time that I was a little girl…I have always been happiest and more at peace with anything creative. Art class was my favorite. The smells and the atmosphere always nourished a part of my soul. The art easel in kindergarten and the smoothness of the tempera paints…soothed a part of me.

If I could encourage you today…find your niche. You know you…better than anyone and we can all make something in this life. It may not be art. It may be music or math or food. We are all so different. Isn’t that wonderful!?Just look inside and find what God intended for you to be. He made just one of YOU…jam packed full of gifts and potential. He’s sweet like that.

Love from the Farmhouse,


Trial Run

I have been trying to upload on here for a while and it’s not been working out. I’m going to do a little trial run and see how it goes today. Thanks for your patience, Dirt Roaders.

Love from the Farmhouse,


Back in the Saddle Again


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I feel like that I might do a blog post with this title once a year.  Maybe not.  Maybe I just use that phrase often.  But here we go.  Back in the saddle again.  Another school year.  The cozy months are upon us.


I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a tad bit excited.  I have already dreamed a little about big, bubbling, pots of chili.  I know…totally crazy in light of the temps.  I won’t cook that yet.  Mister Dirt Road wouldn’t love that.  He thinks that chili is strictly for fall and winter unless you’re having a Sonic Coney Dog.  lol!


I’m always excited to get outside a little more on the farm, once the August and September heat passes.  Then when that first little nip is in the air?   Do you love it too? For all of my self proclaimed summer lovin’ ways….fall pulls one over on me every year.


Are you guys meal planners for this time of year?  I need to post my mom’s deer stir fry recipe.  I promised that on IG, so I may just do a whole blog post the next time that I make it. Then…when the men or the ladies or the kiddos bring in that big deer…you will have a great recipe.  It is sooooo good and I hadn’t made it for ages until the other night.  It was great! Mom won’t care to share her secret.  Maybe she needs to be featured on here.  That would be fun.


We will chat soon.  Praying that your babies and ours have an amazing year.  May the Lord shine down on the path of all of us.

Love from the Farmhouse,



Poor ol’ Blog


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This poor ol’ blog takes a back seat a lot of the time.

Amongst a busy summer and other stuff up to my eyeballs…I don’t always keep up with it. Shamey, shamey, I know my namey.

I could give you a list of excuses a mile long…all true…but how about I just do better? You guys keep checking in…and that is the sweetest!!!

I hope that you all had an amazing summer…full of all of the good stuff. I hope that God spoke to your hearts in new ways to inspire your life. He sure is good about that.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Crocheting Along


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Who would have thought? The girl that struggled through Home Economics can actually sew a bit and crochet! Lol! I know, I know…not a biggie for most people…but Mrs. McGoldrick was impressed when I told her. (Small town life. Our kids go to school with her grands.)

Do you guys have a hobby? Most of my sewing is things that are needed or rag quilts. I actually really enjoy it. Very relaxing to me. Crocheting on the other hand has become a small business and I am so thankful for that!

I began crocheting years ago. I worked for a lady that also had her family working with her. Between them and my friend Jenny, we learned to crochet. I picked it up again years later and really wasn’t all that great. It was all of that counting that I wasn’t interested in. #mathishard

Rewind to last year. I had been making wonky dishrags for my friends and family, bless their hearts, and then I decided to YouTube it up and make them the right way. You know…the exact science. 😉 So from there my little ADR Farmhouse Dishrag business took off. I am so thankful for the way that God just blew the doors off of my/our little business. (Shoutout to the Mr. who mails all of the packages at the P.O.)

It has grown a bit this spring from just dishrags to mug rugs/coasters too. They are a bit reminiscent of what your granny might make…with a bit of farmhouse feel from this era.

You know…when you ask God to cause things to bloom in your life…you never know what He is going to do. I will tell you this though…it will be perfect and timely. It will just fall into place. That is His way.

Love from the Farmhouse,

The Importance of Cozy


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When you come home at the end of a busy day…cozy is so important. A place to unwind. A place to exhale. A place to “cozy up” as my babies used to say.

A place where you can eat a warm meal or if you don’t feel like cooking…a sandwich to fill your belly. A place where “jammies” as we call them…are the dress code.

It’s so nice to have a favorite spot to take a good book and a cozy throw. Even in the warmer months when the a/c is blasting. Sometimes that is my favorite time to cover up. I grew up with window air, at my dad’s, that would freeze you out. Talk about some good sleeping. Lol! Maybe it was the hum of the air conditioner. It was absolutely cozy…because I had a…wait for it…waterbed! Lol!

One of the coziest homes that I have ever been in was when my mom and stepdad lived in a tiny blue house. It was the most relaxing little place. My room had a fluffy feather bead and it felt like a cloud after a long day. We had a wood stove to warm up by in the winter. My mom has always been good at creating a cozy atmosphere. She takes that with her no matter where she lives. That is one of the many things that I love about her. She knows the importance of cozy.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Everything is Green


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Hey guys! Is it finally turning spring where you live? Our weather has been a bit temperamental…but it’s beautiful outside. The grass is green and so is the pollen.

I need to put my little bit of Easter decor away today. I didn’t have a lot. A few eggs and bunnies.

That is Whisky, Papaw Jerry’s dog. He got in on the festivities. 😉

Side note: I have still be crocheting right along. I’m sending out an order today. It’s so fun to send little pieces of our home out across the country.

Anyway…I hope that you all had a blessed Easter with your families . I hope that you felt the gift that Jesus gave, all day long. I also hope that all of us enjoy that same gift all throughout the year.

Love from The Farmhouse,

Dirt Road Happenings and Blog Thoughts


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So it’s been a little while. I hope that all is well on the home front. We have been crazy busy and I have kept this little blog up on the shelf for a bit. Just a few dirt road happenings…but first a question:

Do people still read blogs?

Seriously. In the world of Instagram, where you get a little shot in the arm, which is like a speedy blog post, do people still read blogs? Just curious. I would love your input!!!

Okay…on to other things.

While I haven’t been blogging, I have been keeping up (trying to) with the Mr. and the kids. AND crocheting up a storm. I have a little Farmhouse Dishrag business that the Lord has just blown the doors off of…so I have been busy…and thankful!!! I love creating…so this is perfect.

It’s so fun to send little bits of our home to the homes of others.

Anyway…I hope that you all are well and joyful. I hope that life is treating you good and that you feel the love of Jesus from your crown to your pinky toes.

Love from the Farmhouse,

A Fresh Start


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Hey Dirt Roaders! I sure hope that you had a Merry Christmas and I hope that your New Year is off to a great beginning. Fresh starts are nice aren’t they? Motivating and exhilarating. Yes…sometimes we abandon them early in the year…but sometimes not. I give us kudos for our zest for life anyway.

Maybe your goal is to lose a pound or two. Or maybe it’s to be more consistent with your quiet time of prayer and Bible study. Maybe it’s to be a better listener or to stay on budget more. Whatever our goals are…I think we will stick with them if we pace ourselves and give grace when needed. A fresh start…with a steady and doable gait.

Have you ever ran a race and started off too fast? You were at the front of the pack…for a while. Then you got winded and had to sloooooow way down. That happened to me in grade school. I learned very quickly that I needed to pace myself from the start, to finish well. The same goes for our goals. Realistic is sometimes a bit slow…but it’s steady. You know…the ol’ tortoise and hare scenario.

Whatever your goals and ambitions, I am praying now that whoever reads this little piece…may they bloom and flourish in this new year. May it be a year of growth and blessing for us all.

Love from the Farmhouse,