Happy Thanksgiving


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This is always a tough week for me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as far as the gatherings go. I love the meaning of Christmas…but the commercial side…flips my wig a little. Overwhelms me. Anyway…this is also the week that my sweet daddy went to be with Jesus, four years ago. But…even in that…there is a place for…happy Thanksgiving.

Today when I opened my verse of the day…this was it:

This is the verse that we chose to put on Dad’s stone. Coincidence? I think not. I think that God is so personal in our everyday lives that He parents us. All of us. We just have to listen with an open heart. “With all your heart.”

My parents were so young and crazy. We grew up together. That being said…I feel like I got the best of both of them. That makes me feel loved in a way that I cannot explain. Lord…I am so thankful for the intricate things that you do.

Last night we had Thanksgiving with our babies. We paused to give thanks, taking turns. I sat there and relished their words…but also their sweet faces. It’s always a bit vulnerable when your turn rolls around. I gave thanks for underserved grace, my husband, and then our children. Our kids will always be my greatest accomplishment on this earth. I do not take that lightly and I know that it was a gift given between the Almighty, my husband, and myself.

I hope that your Thanksgiving is full to the brim. I hope that you enjoy it “with all your heart.” I hope that you look at your kids, like my daddy was looking at me, in the photo above. Most of all though…I hope that you feel the presence of Jesus in every corner of your life. He is good to gently flood into a life like that.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Dirt Roaders,


Mercy and Grace


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You guys are so good to stop by here when there isn’t even new stuff to read. My Dirt Roaders are full of mercy and grace. Don’t let anyone tell ya any different.

I am diffusing a bit of lemon and grapefruit today. The washer is chuggin’ away, doing it’s thing. I have so much laundry you guys. I have been sick with some sort of cold/flu thing and you know how that goes. My family is good to dish out the mercy and grace though. I am thankful for that.

My sweet MIL sent a cozy throw my way. Talk about grace. I’m not even keeping up on her son’s laundry and she sent me a prizey…as we call them. Isn’t it gorgeous? BHG at your local Walmart. She bought my SIL one too. We are a bit spoiled. A little more mercy and grace.

I saw this online somewhere recently. Are we guilty of not giving our bodies mercy and grace? Sure we are. How can we accept others, pass mercy and grace onto them, we we don’t even give it to ourselves? I want to do better about that.

I’m gonna leave you with this last little tidbit. The Bible talks about God loving us, like a mother with her nursing infant. That kind of love…is full to the brim with mercy and grace, isn’t it? Why do we sometimes, as believers, give into the idea that He doesn’t feel that way towards us? I know why. We believe the lies that the enemy whispers. We shouldn’t. God’s plans are for our good. He is the Master…of mercy and grace.

Love from the dirt road,

Tucking In


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When the days grow shorter, do you find yourself tucking in? Gettting chores done earlier is a must around here. Then evening comes earlier and sometimes bedtime.

The Mr. loves this time of year. The time to tuck in the garden, on the years that we have one. The time to make sure the livestock are prepared for the colder months. Also…time to tuck in the swimming pool until spring.

I love fall and winter evenings with a good cup of tea. Maybe a cozy throw too. Just soaking up family life. 

May you and yours be tucked in, all nice and cozy, on this Thursday evening. I would love to hear some of your cozy season favorites!

Love from the Farmhouse,

Autumn is Here


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So this week it has been just a few shy of 100 degrees…but the first day of fall is upon us.

So regardless of temps, I gradually put out a few fall things this week.

I hope that wherever you are…fall is on your radar. I hope that your allergies are under control and that your pumpkin spice game is strong.

Psssst…you’ve got a little candy corn in your teeth. Jaaaaay kaaaay! It’s pumpkin bread. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love from the Farmhouse,

A Little Bit of Country For You


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I posted a little thingy on Facebook last week that said this: “I would rather hear cows mooing than horns honking.” It’s true, but not everyone feels that way and I totally respect that. Today though…I thought that I would post a little bit of country for you. You know…just in case you love it.

We have been helping one of our kids learn to drive this summer. That means lots of dirt road rides. One day we had Mamaw with us and we decided to take a new path. We wound up by some of our relative’s home place and the cemetery where our kid’s great-great- great-grandparents are. How crazy is that? Folks don’t stray far from home in these Ozark hills. Anyway…it was a gorgeous place…out in the middle of nowhere. My favorite kind of adventure. 

I wish that I had snapped a picture of the beautiful pasture full of round bales. There were so many and it was gorgeous. One of my favorite summer views. I’ll share a picture of  Gingerbread instead. She loves hay too. 

It’s been rainy out here on the dirt road. Although we are enjoying the cooler weather…we are missing the swimming pool. It has been nice and cozy though.

And all of that coziness makes you want to  turn your home decor in the direction of fall.

I have been clearing off a few spaces and rearranging a little. You know…just in case a pumpkin needs a place to sit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You “nebber” know! (As my little brother used to say.)

So…a little bit of country for you on this Tuesday. I hope that your day is peaceful and that the love of Jesus warms you from the inside out.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Grocery Store Roses


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You guys! It’s smokin’ hot here! Like you feel grody when you step outside kind of hot. I know..I know…it gets hot every year in the summer…but this week it’s very much like the song. We are feeling hot, hot, hot in the Ozarks.

Now that you have our weather report *snicker, we can move on to other things like gorgeous grocery store roses. Anyone that braves our ALDI deserves fresh flowers. It is, sometimes, insanely busy at ours.

I love the look of roses in humble vases. An old crock, a Ball jar, anything like that. I also love it that they are so thrifty at the grocery store. The cream with blush centers might be my very favorite. Maybe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have never picked up a few grocery store roses for yourself…seriously…try it. Such an inexpensive way to add a little beauty to your home. They usually last several days, so you get a little eye candy for under five dollars. Trust me. You’re worth it. 

Love from the (thankfully a/c cooled) Farmhouse, 

You Made It!


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It’s Fri-Yay! You made it!!! Did your week fly or did it plod? That seems to make a lot of difference doesn’t it?

Whatever the speed of your week…I hope that it was a productive one. It has been so hot here in the Ozarks that you have to be a little more selective about the time of day that you do certain chores. Of course…it is summer…so heat comes with it. 

I hope that your weekend is relaxing. I hope that you get to spend it with those that you love, God, family and friends. Maybe you will even sneak in a junkin’ trip or two. That sounds fun!!! (I have been looking at Mason Cash mixing bowls online. Oh goodness. All the heart eyes!) 

(Pinterest masoncash.co.uk)

Got a little side tracked there. Lol! But seriously….GOR JESSSSSS! 

Okay…so you all have a blessed weekend!

Love from the Farmhouse,

Chattin’ It Up


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Good morning guys! It’s Thursday!!! My favorite!!! I thought that we would just chat it up a little today. Nothing specific in this post. That okay? Okay!

So…the fair is in our neck of the woods this week. The hottest time of the year. Lol! My Mister and our son went to the livestock show this week. They sent me the sweetest shot of our son and his buddy…heading for a funnel cake. I love this!!!

I did a little revamping this week. If you follow along on IG…some of this is old news. Anyway, I kept seeing these cloches in our storage area and they were calling my name. Vintage bread board, succulents, Currier and Ives, and cloches. You can’t go wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I posted this to FB this week. It just jumped right out and slapped me. (Lord, please help me to be a cheerleader for those around me. I want to have a pure heart! Amen.) People often say that life is short…which is true…but life is such a gift. Wasting it on jealousy and petty things is just sad. I wanna be a rooter!!! You know…rooting folks on. I told a sweet, sweet, momma at church last night, that we were rooting for her. We are. Her baby girl is having some scary health complications and we are holding them up in prayer. That is real life. Genuine, heart to heart, stuff. I wanna live there. God is good, isn’t He? And the folks say…”All the time.”

I hope that Thursday treats you well. I hope that it feels like the beginning to your weekend. May you look around…and count your blessings…because life…is a gift.

Love from the Farmhouse,

p.s. Thanks for chattin’ it up with me!!! Leave me a comment! I love to read them!

Crazy-Busy Summertimeย 


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Hey guys! Are you crazy-busy this summer? We seem to be. Always something going on and now we have hit a heat wave. How about you?

Today we have stayed home and pretty much did only laundry. It is a constant in my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Faithful friends…that washer and dryer. Last week the kids had camp…so they are detoxing from that…in a good way. They love camp and are sad when it’s over.

In other news…the Mr. and I tried our first Pineapple Whip ever!!! It was yummy! Where have we been? Under a rock?

I hope that you all are staying cool and remembering how to take it easy. We are relearning that one!

Love from the Farmhouse,