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Here we are again. A new year. New goals. New beginnings.

I haven’t posted since the beginning of 2021. Those of you that hang out with me on Instagram know that my little brother has been missing since the end of 2020. Life just became different for us and it was harder to try to inspire others. You shouldn’t make your life there though. It isn’t healthy. So I am trying new beginnings. He would have wanted that. ❤️ (Whew…some sentences are just harder to type.)

Life is full of possibilities. It’s full of fresh starts and growth. It’s full of things to look forward to and also long moments of contentment in the here and now. Each day to be celebrated for the gift that it is.

I hope that 2023 truly is your year. I hope that you find that one junkin’ find that has been elusive until now! I hope that you paint your dining room the color of an antique crock. (I plan to!) I hope that your sheep have babies! (Ours too!) I hope that whatever your hopes and dreams are…that you give them to God and He covers them with glitter, as only He can. Here’s to new beginnings, my friends!

Love from the farmhouse,

Kelli 🧶