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Believe it or not…I’m pretty sure that I have never found a four leaf clover. Bizarre after these 45 years, huh? That being said, I have found a lot of other things in my life that bring me the same kind of simplistic joy. Let’s call those our four leaf clovers today, how about that?

Just this week and last I have enjoyed the beauty of the daffodil so much. They pop up everywhere in the Ozarks. A close family friend and I were talking about the abundance of them surrounding old home places. A tiny bit of days gone by, bloomed out in a cheery shade of yellow. I think those qualify as a four leaf clover in life.

Sunsets are another. Beautiful Ozarkian sunsets give me pause in the evenings when I walk by the window. They remind me to take a deep breath and appreciate the depth of the Creator. The fact that He would paint the sky for the enjoyment of mankind is a type of love that I can’t quite comprehend. Then I think of our own children and know the joy it brings me to see them delighted by something. I think sunsets are definitely on the four leaf clover scale.

Dogs. They have to be on this list. There is no other animal on the planet that delights in a human’s existence quite like a dog. No one is as excited to see you. No one will acclimate to your mood the same way. No one is your ride or die quite like a dog. I think that dogs are maybe right up there with sunsets. I think that God knew that we needed them. I read recently that households with dogs are 30% happier. (I’m not forgetting the other pets out there. I think any kind of pet helps with mental and emotional health.) Let’s just say that maybe we should have named our dog Clover.

All in all there are so many four leaf clover type delights in life. I try to look for them and enjoy them as I go about my day. They are generally free. Not things to be purchased but things to be admired.

I hope that your St. Patrick’s Day is full of clover and not so much blarney. lol!

Love from the Farmhouse,