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Hello there, Dirt Roaders! It’s been a minute.  I’m just stopping in to see how everyone is faring during this time. I hope and pray that you are hanging in there.


I feel like that we have been using this time to be more intentional.  We have had a schedule for most days.  All of the kids have homework so we have tried to stay focused with that. More than the homework though I feel like we have grown as a family.  We have utilized our home and farming skills more.

Each day at three we have what we call Driver’s Ed.  We go for dirt road rides and explore.  Most of the roads are well known to us after years of teaching our kids to drive.  After the spring rains though we have discovered so many beautiful creeks.  It’s balm to weary souls during quarantine. We also have lots of Ag class here. There are always farm chores to do and now mowing.  We have Home Economics which consists of house cleaning and cooking.  The kids tell me that having a set schedule helps the days to pass better.  I’m thankful to be able to help them through this.  I feel like God has given us tools to cope and peace through it all.

Are you guys eating take out much?  We have tried to limit that.  I get an ALDI delivery about every two weeks.  We leave them on the porch and wipe them all down with Thieves cleaner before bringing them in.  It’s a whole process…but we just want to keep everyone healthy. We have had drive thru things a time or two.  Mexican take out once and Domino’s once. I cannot lie.  It tasted amazing. lol!

It’s my sincere prayer that this post will encourage you.  I hope that in your time of quarantine that you have grown as a person or a family.  We haven’t taken this lightly. There are so many people hurting and grieving and we are not strangers to that.  At the first of the year we lost my uncle in a tragic accident and were still reeling from that when this hit.  I know that part doesn’t sound very encouraging…but hang on a sec.  The Lord gave us enormous peace and so many miracles through all of that.  That is just the way that He works.

I hope that your are thriving, my friends.  I hope that you are finding a new appreciation for all of the things that you were too rushed to enjoy, before. I hope that each new day inspires you to learn something new or to just pause and breathe in deep.  Maybe you found a new love for your lawn chair or porch swing.  Maybe you have a new ritual of evening tea and a cozy book.  (Dr. Pepper and a cozy book for me. lol!) Whatever you are learning through this…I feel that it will make us better people whenever it’s time to be with people again. I don’t feel that we will take a smile or a handshake for granted.

Let me leave you with this today,

In the book of Jeremiah, chapter 32 verse 27, God says this:

“Behold, I am the Lord God of all flesh: is there anything to hard for me?”

Stay well, Dirt Roaders,