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I feel like that I might do a blog post with this title once a year.  Maybe not.  Maybe I just use that phrase often.  But here we go.  Back in the saddle again.  Another school year.  The cozy months are upon us.


I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a tad bit excited.  I have already dreamed a little about big, bubbling, pots of chili.  I know…totally crazy in light of the temps.  I won’t cook that yet.  Mister Dirt Road wouldn’t love that.  He thinks that chili is strictly for fall and winter unless you’re having a Sonic Coney Dog.  lol!


I’m always excited to get outside a little more on the farm, once the August and September heat passes.  Then when that first little nip is in the air?   Do you love it too? For all of my self proclaimed summer lovin’ ways….fall pulls one over on me every year.


Are you guys meal planners for this time of year?  I need to post my mom’s deer stir fry recipe.  I promised that on IG, so I may just do a whole blog post the next time that I make it. Then…when the men or the ladies or the kiddos bring in that big deer…you will have a great recipe.  It is sooooo good and I hadn’t made it for ages until the other night.  It was great! Mom won’t care to share her secret.  Maybe she needs to be featured on here.  That would be fun.


We will chat soon.  Praying that your babies and ours have an amazing year.  May the Lord shine down on the path of all of us.

Love from the Farmhouse,