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Hey Dirt Roaders! I sure hope that you had a Merry Christmas and I hope that your New Year is off to a great beginning. Fresh starts are nice aren’t they? Motivating and exhilarating. Yes…sometimes we abandon them early in the year…but sometimes not. I give us kudos for our zest for life anyway.

Maybe your goal is to lose a pound or two. Or maybe it’s to be more consistent with your quiet time of prayer and Bible study. Maybe it’s to be a better listener or to stay on budget more. Whatever our goals are…I think we will stick with them if we pace ourselves and give grace when needed. A fresh start…with a steady and doable gait.

Have you ever ran a race and started off too fast? You were at the front of the pack…for a while. Then you got winded and had to sloooooow way down. That happened to me in grade school. I learned very quickly that I needed to pace myself from the start, to finish well. The same goes for our goals. Realistic is sometimes a bit slow…but it’s steady. You know…the ol’ tortoise and hare scenario.

Whatever your goals and ambitions, I am praying now that whoever reads this little piece…may they bloom and flourish in this new year. May it be a year of growth and blessing for us all.

Love from the Farmhouse,