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So it’s been a little while. I hope that all is well on the home front. We have been crazy busy and I have kept this little blog up on the shelf for a bit. Just a few dirt road happenings…but first a question:

Do people still read blogs?

Seriously. In the world of Instagram, where you get a little shot in the arm, which is like a speedy blog post, do people still read blogs? Just curious. I would love your input!!!

Okay…on to other things.

While I haven’t been blogging, I have been keeping up (trying to) with the Mr. and the kids. AND crocheting up a storm. I have a little Farmhouse Dishrag business that the Lord has just blown the doors off of…so I have been busy…and thankful!!! I love creating…so this is perfect.

It’s so fun to send little bits of our home to the homes of others.

Anyway…I hope that you all are well and joyful. I hope that life is treating you good and that you feel the love of Jesus from your crown to your pinky toes.

Love from the Farmhouse,