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You guys! Thanksgiving ’18 is about to begin. What are we gonna do with it? Eat too much? Maybe. Wear stretchy clothes? Maybe. Be spiritually aware of those around us…listening more…and waiting for God’s nudge? Definitely.

My Maw Maw is celebrating in Heaven today. This will be the first Thanksgiving that my momma and her family will have to go through without her. Knowing about grief myself, I understand. Today…amidst being thankful…by God’s grace…I plan to just be available. A shoulder, a hug, a smile, or laughter. I want to be sensitive to their needs. I understand the depth of this. Five years ago during Thanksgiving, we were waiting to bury my sweet daddy. So with that in mind…I want to be very sensitive today. Thankful…and aware. I’m not sure why I feel this so heavy on my heart. Maybe you all need it too.

So…let’s move on a bit. Do you all bake tons of pie? We are actually switching it up and having fajitas with my parents. I made a huge batch of fresh salsa last night. Our girls made custard pie and our famous Granny Ruby’s chocolate chip cookies to take. My sweet husband loves pie. I need to make a New Year’s resolution to make him one a week. That would be fun!

Whatever your traditions…may the be blessed. May you feel Jesus at your holiday table. May you remember to listen today…and step in…wherever the Lord wants you to serve. That is my prayer for our own day.

Love from the Farmhouse,