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Hello guys! How is life treating you? We have been busy! This season of life has us meeting ourselves coming and going…but it’s a good busy…I think. Anyway…thoughts on November today.

1. Cozy. Give me allllll the blankets, good books, crochet, and spiced cider. (1 jug of apple juice, one bag of Red Hots and heat on the stove until melted. You will thank me.)

2. Cheer. Halloween is over for another year and the holiday season has begun. TBH sometimes (a lot) I struggle with all of that. I have sincerely prayed for the Lord to help me with it. He has. I am enjoying it already. It can be so overwhelming…but I want Him to give me the right perspective.

3. Cherish. November is a bit solemn for me. My sweet daddy went to be with Jesus, the week of Thanksgiving, 5 years ago. They say that time heals…and I agree somewhat. If I let my mind go there though…my heart aches…just the same. I choose to cherish. I cherish the memories…mostly of him being our kid’s Poppy. He was so proud of them. That is a gift.

There you have it, Dirt Roaders. A few thoughts on November. It’s a month that smells like pumpkin pie spice…mixed with cedar. It’s a month of gratitude to the One who walks with us all through the year. Now that is something to write home about. 🖤

Love from the Farmhouse,