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You guys! I have been blogging for six years now! Some of you have been there from the very beginning and some are new to Along the Dirt Road. Whatever the case…thank you! Thanks for joining in and enjoying the ride with us!!!

Although this blog is filled with home decor, and actually all things home, my hope has always been that it would feel like a little stopping off place for any who chose to do so. Like driving down a country road and seeing an old country store. You know that you just have to stop.

One time, years ago, we were heading home from Fox, Arkansas, and did that very thing. Now Fox is out in the middle of what some folks would call God’s country. The folks talk a little slower there…drawing out their words a bit more. Families are very tight knit and it makes you proud to belong, in some form, to a place like that. We went “home” to Fox when it was time to lay our Granny Corrie (Cora) to rest…after all…she was the one that connected us all to each other. Anyway…back to the country store.

I don’t even remember where this place was. What I do remember is how I felt when I stepped inside. The high ceilings were something from years gone by. The creaking wood floor, the displays, just the whole thing felt like I had stepped back in time. My dad was delighted because this trip, going to Fox, was a part of his boyhood. He loved his family deeply…and he was proud to share that with us. It warms my heart to think back on this little stop off. It also makes me miss my dad…more than I can explain to you. But…back to my point…

My dear, sweet, Dirt Roaders…when you stop by here…I want you to feel that. I want the peace of Jesus Christ to radiate through these posts. I want you to be able to take a deep breath with me and maybe even a step back into yesteryear a bit. I want you to feel like you have stepped into a cool, shady, place on a hot summer day. Or…a warm and toasty place…when the world outside is chilly.

My love of antiques stems from that longing. Just to be in touch with a more simple time. An admiration and deep respect for generations before. I am glad that you all are on this journey with me. After all…the more the merrier.

So today…I say…”Aww thanks.” You all are the absolute best and I thank the Lord for you, my readers. May He bless you from your nose to your toes!!!

Love from the Farmhouse,