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When you come home at the end of a busy day…cozy is so important. A place to unwind. A place to exhale. A place to “cozy up” as my babies used to say.

A place where you can eat a warm meal or if you don’t feel like cooking…a sandwich to fill your belly. A place where “jammies” as we call them…are the dress code.

It’s so nice to have a favorite spot to take a good book and a cozy throw. Even in the warmer months when the a/c is blasting. Sometimes that is my favorite time to cover up. I grew up with window air, at my dad’s, that would freeze you out. Talk about some good sleeping. Lol! Maybe it was the hum of the air conditioner. It was absolutely cozy…because I had a…wait for it…waterbed! Lol!

One of the coziest homes that I have ever been in was when my mom and stepdad lived in a tiny blue house. It was the most relaxing little place. My room had a fluffy feather bead and it felt like a cloud after a long day. We had a wood stove to warm up by in the winter. My mom has always been good at creating a cozy atmosphere. She takes that with her no matter where she lives. That is one of the many things that I love about her. She knows the importance of cozy.

Love from the Farmhouse,