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Who would have thought? The girl that struggled through Home Economics can actually sew a bit and crochet! Lol! I know, I know…not a biggie for most people…but Mrs. McGoldrick was impressed when I told her. (Small town life. Our kids go to school with her grands.)

Do you guys have a hobby? Most of my sewing is things that are needed or rag quilts. I actually really enjoy it. Very relaxing to me. Crocheting on the other hand has become a small business and I am so thankful for that!

I began crocheting years ago. I worked for a lady that also had her family working with her. Between them and my friend Jenny, we learned to crochet. I picked it up again years later and really wasn’t all that great. It was all of that counting that I wasn’t interested in. #mathishard

Rewind to last year. I had been making wonky dishrags for my friends and family, bless their hearts, and then I decided to YouTube it up and make them the right way. You know…the exact science. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So from there my little ADR Farmhouse Dishrag business took off. I am so thankful for the way that God just blew the doors off of my/our little business. (Shoutout to the Mr. who mails all of the packages at the P.O.)

It has grown a bit this spring from just dishrags to mug rugs/coasters too. They are a bit reminiscent of what your granny might make…with a bit of farmhouse feel from this era.

You know…when you ask God to cause things to bloom in your life…you never know what He is going to do. I will tell you this though…it will be perfect and timely. It will just fall into place. That is His way.

Love from the Farmhouse,