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You guys are so good to stop by here when there isn’t even new stuff to read. My Dirt Roaders are full of mercy and grace. Don’t let anyone tell ya any different.

I am diffusing a bit of lemon and grapefruit today. The washer is chuggin’ away, doing it’s thing. I have so much laundry you guys. I have been sick with some sort of cold/flu thing and you know how that goes. My family is good to dish out the mercy and grace though. I am thankful for that.

My sweet MIL sent a cozy throw my way. Talk about grace. I’m not even keeping up on her son’s laundry and she sent me a prizey…as we call them. Isn’t it gorgeous? BHG at your local Walmart. She bought my SIL one too. We are a bit spoiled. A little more mercy and grace.

I saw this online somewhere recently. Are we guilty of not giving our bodies mercy and grace? Sure we are. How can we accept others, pass mercy and grace onto them, we we don’t even give it to ourselves? I want to do better about that.

I’m gonna leave you with this last little tidbit. The Bible talks about God loving us, like a mother with her nursing infant. That kind of love…is full to the brim with mercy and grace, isn’t it? Why do we sometimes, as believers, give into the idea that He doesn’t feel that way towards us? I know why. We believe the lies that the enemy whispers. We shouldn’t. God’s plans are for our good. He is the Master…of mercy and grace.

Love from the dirt road,