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This is always a tough week for me. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as far as the gatherings go. I love the meaning of Christmas…but the commercial side…flips my wig a little. Overwhelms me. Anyway…this is also the week that my sweet daddy went to be with Jesus, four years ago. But…even in that…there is a place for…happy Thanksgiving.

Today when I opened my verse of the day…this was it:

This is the verse that we chose to put on Dad’s stone. Coincidence? I think not. I think that God is so personal in our everyday lives that He parents us. All of us. We just have to listen with an open heart. “With all your heart.”

My parents were so young and crazy. We grew up together. That being said…I feel like I got the best of both of them. That makes me feel loved in a way that I cannot explain. Lord…I am so thankful for the intricate things that you do.

Last night we had Thanksgiving with our babies. We paused to give thanks, taking turns. I sat there and relished their words…but also their sweet faces. It’s always a bit vulnerable when your turn rolls around. I gave thanks for underserved grace, my husband, and then our children. Our kids will always be my greatest accomplishment on this earth. I do not take that lightly and I know that it was a gift given between the Almighty, my husband, and myself.

I hope that your Thanksgiving is full to the brim. I hope that you enjoy it “with all your heart.” I hope that you look at your kids, like my daddy was looking at me, in the photo above. Most of all though…I hope that you feel the presence of Jesus in every corner of your life. He is good to gently flood into a life like that.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Dirt Roaders,