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We have had some warm days lately, how about you? After the freezing temps…I have enjoyed it. Those sunny days seem to help you hold on for the hope of spring, huh?

I don’t mind winter too awful bad…but I do enjoy spring popping up around the corner. More time outside and more fresh air. I am always a little sad to see the cozy season go…but I like the hope of new growth.

Do things seem bleak and wintry for you right now? If they do…hold on. God is not far, far, away. He is right there…and He will help. This morning I was reading about those Hebrew boys in the furnace. The king was amazed that there appeared to be four in there, and one was like as the Son of God. Wow. Hold on friends…and don’t let go. It won’t be winter forever.

Love from the Farmhouse,