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Is Old Man Winter getting up in your grill? Lol! He tends to do that…when his breath is below freezing. I threaten to wrap up like a burrito, in a blanket, this time of year. True story.

I have been doing a little “winter reset” around the Farmhouse. That keeps Old Man Winter off of my back. Little bright touches of pretty.

My in-laws gave me this gorgeous, handmade, sign for Christmas. It’s the perfect touch for a more neutral palette after the holiday season. Fresh and clean. January is good for that. I got a slow start with that…but I’m getting a little skedaddle in my get along now. (If you don’t speak Ozarkian…that means I finally got in gear…on week two.) Burritos don’t get much done.

Our sweet friends gave us this ottoman. It’s so cozy and our kids love it. I was gonna put it in the basement but I got overruled. That’s okay…cozy helps keep Old Man Winter at bay. Crusty ol’ feller.

Love from the Farmhouse,