Hey Dirt Roaders!  How is your Thursday going?  I have a load of laundry swishing around so far, and half of a cinnamon raisin bagel down the hatch.  Exciting stuff!

If you follow along on Instagram there is a new hashtag to check out. It’s #cozysweetcozy.  Just a little spot for all things…well…cozy…this fall and winter.  That is my favorite part…how about yours?

The older that I get…the more I treasure what our homes really are.  A place to provide refuge for our families.  A spot for friends to drop in and recharge. We have been told that our home is peaceful.  That is my heart’s desire.  We have actually had several folks fall asleep out here, while visiting.  Maybe it’s the coziness that they feel?  More  than likely…the peace that God provides. I am delighted with that.

I hope that your day is fun and your evening is…you guessed it…cozy.

Love from the Farmhouse,