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Do you guys live in a time zone that will set their clocks back?  We do.  Here in Southern Missouri we live in an area that is very rural.  I am told that the time change helps the farmers.  I’m all for that.  I also enjoy falling back a bit more than I used to.  You know, the coziness and all.


Some people hate it.  I understand.  It is a bit sad to lose that hour of daylight in the evening.  At one point in the year, it’s dark by about five o’clock.  For me…it’s a fun time to burn candles and make soup.  (My poor family. So much soup. lol!  Actually tonight, I might make tacos.)


Whatever you enjoy…I hope that if your clocks do get set back…you adjust easily.  We do struggle with that a bit around here.  As with most things though…we adjust.  God is good to give us grace for that.


Have a wonderful Monday, sweet Dirt Roaders!