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Hey friends!  Hello to you from the house of the puny folks.  We have been hit with various ailments and no one feels very grand except for one little guy.  He needs to put his bubble suit on.  Okay…enough of that.  We will survive…I am believing for that. I do want to share some important news with you though about Epantry. Have you heard of it?  You are getting ready to. 😉

Epantry is this really cool company that you can buy household supplies from.  They send them right to your door.  They sell natural products that are very good for our health and for the environment.  Can anyone say Mrs. Meyers? Woo hoo!  Anyway, my sweet IG friend Natalie of Natalie Creates is the one that introduced me to Epantry.  She was always getting this awesome stuff in the mail that fit perfectly into her monthly budget.  Now that speaks my language.  They have yummy smelling soy candles and just all kinds of amazing stuff.  You want to hear some REALLY fun news?  For the month of November when you order…you get 10.00 off of your order AND one of those amazing candles.  A great deal!  I am super excited to be a part of Epantry…especially because we live in a small town…that doesn’t always carry the stuff that I love.  Check it out!  It will be like your birthday once a month.  lol!  Here is the link: https://www.epantry.com/referrer/271608/ Enjoy!!!

Now for other news.  Last week I cleared out a few pumpkins.  Last year, a while before we decorated for Christmas, I did this.  It was nice to have a little breather before decorating for another holiday.  I still have our favorites and some Thanksgiving things out.  I’m not rushing the holidays through.  I am just starting with a clean slate.  It’s not for everyone.  Just the obsessive.  😉

The Mr. brought me these beautiful flowers last week too.  He is a keeper.  I love us…twenty years later and I am so thankful for the husband that God gave me.

I also spruced the couch a tad.  I used this afghan that I got at the thrift store to layer our couch a little.  (I love the gray and cream.) Cozy should have been my middle name.  Mom and Dad what were you thinking with Lee Ann? 😉

Last but not least…here is another wild hair that I got.  I had a moment where I felt halfway decent and I jumped out of my chair and came up with this little wall.  I am head over heels.  It’s everything that I love.  Industrial, simple, handy, and pretty.  I hope that it inspires you to move things around and freshen things up. That is so much fun!

Well Dirt Roaders, that is my scoop on Epantry and a few things that have been going on around here.  We will perk up…you will perk up…and we will live in the sunshine.  My prayer for you right now is…that God blesses each and every one of you from your crown to your toes.

Love from the Farmhouse,