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Hey Dirt Roaders!  How is everyone out there on the interwebs? I wanted to say a big “hello” to those that are stopping by from the article in the local paper.  We are so glad to have you here on the dirt road with us. Sue, that interviewed me, came and stayed a while and we just had a wonderful visit.  I love it when business turns into friendship.  Anyway…I would have posted a welcome sooner…but this week is trying to make me all kinds of cray cray…so I’m all about the “Whoa Nellie” this week.

My week started out wonderful.  Easter Sunday.  We went to Sunday morning service and then we had lunch/supper here with a whole bunch of our family.  It was the sweetest.  My favorite part of the whole day was when we all joined hands, in a big circle, and gave thanks for the meal.  I love those peaceful moments.  Those are not “Whoa Nellie” moments.

Monday was a good day for us.  We were all off of work and school. Tuesday was nerve wracking.  I had a doctor’s appointment…but everything turned out good and that was a relief.  (My road to recovery has been a slow one. I am thankful to be progressing though.) So that was a very BIG “Whoa Nellie” day.  I don’t know how you guys are…but I can have my teeth pulled…and no biggie.  Take me to the doctor’s office and I am a mess.  I start cracking jokes, because I am so nervous, and it just goes from there.  It’s like I have my own stand up routine.  What on the earth is wrong with me? Anyway, by the grace of God, we made it through that.  We even had a little time to go junking and to buy a yummy smelling candle.  Balance, I tell you. Balance.

So that brings us to yesterday. I’m just out here on the farm, minding my own biz…and a family member has a small (okay large) crisis…and I needed to be there.  It all happened very fast and was definitely a “Whoa Nellie” kind of day…all the way into the night. Things are good now though…and I now know why I came across the verse in Habakkuk, chapter 3, verse 19, yesterday morning.  It talks about the Lord being our strength and making us sure footed.  He really does that on those “Who Nellie” days.  Aren’t we glad?  Of course we are!  My Dirt Roaders are smart and kind and tough.

As usual…I will not leave you with gloom and despair.  I will leave you with the heart shaped sweet potato that I ate on Monday evening.  It was so pretty and delicious…that it deserved a spot on the blog.  If you are in the middle of a “Whoa Nellie” experience friends…just hold on. God is right in the middle of that need. He with be your strength and make sure that your feet don’t slip. He also made sweet potatoes…and I think that was really nice of Him.

Love from the Farmhouse,


p.s. We are chomping at the bit to open the Etsy shop.  Hopefully it will be any day now!  Woo Hoo!