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Do you actually know anyone who lives life in the slow lane?  Nah…me either.  Well…maybe our grandparents…but when you are in your seventies and eighties…it might be a good idea to slow down a bit.  Things have been picking up a bit more so around here lately.  That is normal for this time of year.  I have found some things that seem to help though, when busyness tries to take over.


Yesterday evening, my husband needed to go work at the church.  I decided to fix a Crock-Pot turkey breast, so at least that much was already done.  Then we just fixed the sides to go with it and we were good to go. Don’t Crock-Pots make our lives easier?  When we have to be somewhere in the evening but still need to have supper on the table…I try to come up with “less stress” meals.  No one wants to be rushing around and trying to enjoy filet mignon at the same time.  Take the low road on that one.  You know…since we are talking slow land and all of that. 😉

Another good tip is this:  Grab little “vacations” where you can.  Actually slow down and eat lunch on your lunch hour.  Don’t fill it with errands if they can be avoided.  When evening rolls around and your family has gathered back in…enjoy it.  Go outside.  Take a walk.  Give your dog a scratch on the head.  You know…I fear for a generation that does not take the time to enjoy life.  We just run around at breakneck speed and try to accomplish everything at once.  I really don’t believe that God intended that.  I believe that He is all for working hard…but also for pausing to enjoy the fruits of your labors at the end of the day. Our lives are what we make them.  We have to choose.

I promised you Etsy news and here it is!  Our shop is soon to open!  I will let you know on Instagram and our Facebook page as soon as it is live.  I hope that you all will check it out.  We are shooting for this coming Friday!  Stay tuned!!!

Don’t forget to switch to the slow lane…or even pull over and have a look around!

Love from the Farmhouse,