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Some days it would be nice to pull the covers up over our heads. Or at least stay cozy with a nice cup of tea.  The real world can be hard can’t it?  The news…even when it’s not election year…can drive you to distraction.  Then we hear of attacks in other places and ours hearts just break.  We search for comfort.  We want to give comfort, and we want to pull comfort close to us.

Lots of the things that I incorporate into our home bring a sense of comfort.  Old things seem comforting to me.  I have a quilt that belonged to my husband’s granny and our little babies have covered up with it for years.  It finally got so tattered that I folded it and put it up.  Special papers that the kids have drawn and handed to us bring a bit of comfort.  Looking out into the pasture at the new calf brings some comfort too.  In hard times…we look harder.  We search more diligently. We need something that tells us…”Hey…it will be okay.”

Sometimes we reach out for comfort food. Something to nourish us physically…when emotionally…we feel a bit lean. I do believe that a warm bowl of something tends to feel like a hug, but even comfort food cannot fix the lean times of the soul.  We need something more for our comfort.

If you have followed this blog any length of time at all, you know where this is going.  We do have hope, sweet ones.  Jesus is alive!  It might look dreary…when Friday rolls around…but come Sunday, HOPE is alive. He won’t leave us hanging.  He will swoop in and rescue us.  Did you know that He is just like a mother hen with her chicks?  He will tuck us under His wing and keep us safe there. That is a wonderful promise!  It is a place of comfort…and that is the real comfort that we can share with others…and wrap around our own selves.

Be brave Dirt Roaders!  Jesus loves us!