You guys!  I promise…I didn’t move to Mars.  I am here…trying to stay sane.  That is always a good thing…right? Right.  So…are you needing a bit of Christmas cheer?  I might be able to help with that.  Let’s see here…

Oh wait…those were our Brussels sprouts from last light.  But…..if you need a very easy side dish that is well…delish…here you go.  Slice fresh sprouts…drizzle with olive oil, season to taste, and pop into a 425 degree oven until browned. Yuh-um.

So…we have been going to Christmas programs…running around like chickens with our heads cut off and all sorts of things that are Christmasy like that. We did celebrate our twentieth wedding anni in there. It was an amazing day. I felt very, very, thankful. (And full.  We ate at Zio’s and laughed about all of the food that we ordered…um…for two.)

I waited until after Thankgiving this year to put out our decor. It was good…but I felt a little rushed.  Other than that…we are enjoying the coziness of all things twinkly. (And the simplicity lover in me…is longing for Dec. 26th.  Jk!!! Kinda. Okay…not kidding.)  

I know that I am not on here a ton lately. To be honest…I have had some health issues this year that have symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis.  It has been a long process…and if you know anything about that…it is nerve related and painful. (Nerves?  What are nerves?). Anyway…I appreciate you guys constantly stopping in to check for a new post…even when there hasn’t been one.  I would love for you to say a little prayer (or big) for me…and I would love to feel like blogging more often. Sharing the love of Jesus and the love of family…is my life.  I want to do that for Him.

So…that is my story and I’m sticking to it.  God is good…He sees us…and He hasn’t brought us out here to leave us.  That is the best pot of Christmas Cheer…that we could ever hope for!!!

Love from my heart to yours!!!