Happy New Year friends! (A few days late…but still.). I hope that all is going well with you.  I have been feeling better lately and that is something to shout “Oh Glory!” over.  It has been a long several months.  Anyway…new beginnings. 

I love January.  It’s my favorite month.  I am actually one of those weird folks that tends to enjoy winter.  At least for a while.  I love the coziness of it.  I don’t love icy roads…but I do enjoy softly falling snow.  How about you?


(PERSPECTIVE. My word for the year.)

I also love to organize and clean out things in January.  Our big thing so far has been moving the microwave off of the counter.  Can we live without it?  We aren’t sure yet. 

(By the way:  The egg famine is finally over. They love us again. That big one!  Yowch!)

We have had another new beginning in our family.  A sweet baby nephew.  He is all things wonderful.  A gift from a above.  His tiny little life has done big things to our hearts.

I hope that you guys are enjoying the New Year.  I plan to post more now…and to try to get back in the swing.  Life is good and God is amazing.  This blog is a place to treasure all of that.

Love from the Farmhouse,

Kelli Belli