(Warning: The photos in this post have nothing to do with the topic.  You are welcome.)

Ha!  What a title!  Plain and simple, I have a question for you on this week before Thanksgiving.  To tree or not to tree? Do you already have yours up? 

Our girls wanted to put ours up last Saturday.  It was way in the back corner of the basement…so it’s still not up.  I used to always wait.  I love Thanksgiving so I like to savor it first.  Plus…the simplicity lover in me can only handle seasonal decor for so long.  (Weird, I know.) We shall see how it goes.  When it comes to my babies…I tend to cave on things that don’t have to be set in stone. I like that about me. 

I would love to hear your take on it.  It’s fun to appreciate the perspectives of others. Leave me a comment.  Let’s hash this thing. 😉 To tree or not to tree…

Love from the Farmhouse,