Are you a Monday person?  Bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to meet the day with a smile?  Or maybe you are more along the lines of…sitting on the side of the bed…near comatose.  It takes all kinds.

The thing is…the way that your day turns out, my day turns out, has a whole lot to do with us.  How do we meet the day and the challenges ahead of us?  Do we give thought to our response?  Are we ready with a smile and a bit of encouragement?

Truthfully…some days…it feels like that we barely have the strength to roll on out of bed.  Even on those days though, attitude is everything.  Don’t let Monday eat your lunch. You know why?  Cause you want your lunch!  You want to enjoy every last crumb.  Monday…is what we make it friends.

Now…get out there…and enjoy it!