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It makes a huge difference in every situation, this being thankful business.

It especially makes a difference when life is a bit bumpy.

Looking for brightness in the middle of the overcast…takes emotional muscle. It also takes dedicision making.  Do we give into despair or continue to hope?

We have learned in our home that bad attitudes are banished by thankfulness.  Wrong spirits are snuffed out by looking for the blessings of God.  We have learned that a negative heart is not what He intended as a day to day countenance. It takes thought…but an attitude of gratitude is possible.

God wants us to expect good things.  He wants us to hope in Him.  He wants us to love others and not assume the worst. He wants us to be thankful.  How do I know?  It’s in His word.  It’s not naive or immature to hope for the best and to live in thanksgiving mode, but it is childlike. 

I hope that this little post has inspired you.  Don’t wait until all of your problems disappear to be thankful.  That is wishful thinking…because life is hard.  If you and I can just grasp a thankful way of life (It takes practice.) in the now…we will have a life full of light and love.

Happy Weekend!