Do you ever have days where everything falls apart?  Or at least it feels as though it does?  Social media would like for you to believe that each day is a dream.  Pinterest looks so perfect.  Your Instagram friends and your Facebook peeps all have it going on.  Everyone has a clean house.  Bologna.  It’s not true.  We all have days where stuff goes wrong and falls apart.  We all have to clean up messes…stuff or relationships.  I am careful who I connect with.  It has to be real for me…or I just can’t do it.  Life is too wonderful to waste time on things that are not real.  Life is hard…and we don’t always get it right…but we get grace upon grace in our covenant with Jesus.  My heart just filled with warmth after that last sentence…and a very needed smile turned up the corners of my mouth.

Yesterday was tough out here on the dirt road.  Farming, no matter what kind you do, is not easy.  It looks very idyllic and it can be at times…but it’s not really just a hobby.  Sometimes things are heartbreaking, and sometimes things are hallelujah.  There isn’t a whole lot of room for middle ground.  Today is a new day…full of grace.  I am glad for that.  I am also thankful that the Lord gave me a bit of His wisdom, yesterday, when the people at the store…sent me on my way without a bag of my groceries.  I wanted to let that lady know, when I called back,  exactly how I felt about the grocery guy that was goofing off while bagging my stuff. Then Grace steps up.

Grace reminds us how we were young once.

Grace wonders if maybe we left the stuff in the cart?

Grace smiles and nods when we act civilized and careful.

Grace stands beside us when we are helping our husbands with hard tasks.

Grace is up there beside him on the tractor…as he drives by and gives us a smile.

Grace nudges us and we smile back.

Grace stands there between the both of us…while we talk over the day.

I am thankful for Grace.  I need it…so very much.

Today on Instagram I read the most delightful thing.  A lady that I follow named Haverlee posted this:  “It’s so hard to be so very human. But He’s always known our struggle.  And He’s not mad about it.”  You are not a failure, sweet ones.  The Bible says that He knows our frame and remembers that we are dust.  He knows when we are really trying. ” He’s…not even mad about it.” I needed that so much.  I am harder on myself than anyone else ever could be.  I just needed to know that the grace of the Almighty…is endless.  You know…I already knew it…I just needed to be reminded.  I am talking about the real life, day to day struggle, of being a Christian.  Grace is wound into His word from the beginning to the very last verse. “The grace  of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”  Revelation 22:21

I hope that your day is filled with grace upon grace.  Sometimes…we just have rough days.  It’s to be expected.  Sometimes we have really great days and those are to be enjoyed.  Today…I am going to look through this cookbook and find something fun to feed my family.  Grace does that.  Grace says…”Yesterday was a bit hard…but today…we are going to help each other up and dust each other off.”  If you don’t know Jesus, sweet Dirt Roaders…a life of grace…is like no other.  I promise you that.

Love and grace to you all,


p.s. To my sweet Mr.

I love you. You do good work.  By your side, is my favorite.