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Isn’t May a crazy time of year?  Not quite as packed as Christmas…but it plays a close second. We are definitely busy, busy, and busy right now.


In just a bit I am going to go fire up the oven and bake a cherry pie, to share with our church folks.  I just thought that I would pop in and get your thoughts on busyness.  How do you handle it?  Do you have a secret weapon?


I used to let busyness totally throw me for a loop.  Ask the Mr.  It was bad.  It’s funny…I was so much harder on myself when I had three babies under six.  I guess wisdom comes with age.  Now I try to take things in stride and prioritize.  I have also realized that I don’t have to volunteer for every single thing.  There are plenty of others that will pitch in.  Maybe it all comes back to that grace that we talked about the other day.  I have realized that it starts with me.  I have to give myself some grace.  We are learning this together as a family.  We have all heard that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Well…we have lots of work to do…but a healthy balance makes it all good.


Now…when things are crazy-busy, I do fear forgetting things.  I have to write things down and put things in my phone.  (Do you have the Cozi app?  It’s awesome!)  (No laughing Mr.) Today, is a crazy-busy day from start to finish…so we shall see how all of this goes. 😉


Above, I asked if you had a secret weapon.  I do.  Well…actually it’s no secret.  It’s something that I would like for the whole world to know.  It’s my quiet time with the Lord.  It grounds me and strengthens me…like no other.  I long for that time with Him.  In a busy, crazy, and sometimes scary world, sitting down in the presence of Jesus makes all of the difference.  That may be offensive to some and they may even click “unfollow” but it is the very essence of who I am.  I hope that you are not offended by Him.  He loves you, sweet Dirt Roader.  He loves you dearly.


I hope that Monday treats you kind. (Do I hear Dolly Parton?) Oh wait…that was “life” not “Monday.” Go ahead…roll your eyes. 😉  Seriously…I hope that your week is amazing.  I hope that if you are busy up to your earlobes….that you remember to pause and take care of yourself…body, soul, and spirit.

Love from the Farmhouse,