Today on Instagram…I threw out a little plea.  I needed supper inspiration.  Oh and I also sent it to fb too…via my ig post. 


Sometimes…I  get by with a little help from my friends.  They inspired me.  I might not even cook what they are cooking, but just to see someone with a plan in the works…well…it helps. 


God is pleased by friendship.  He approves of it 100%.  Sometimes I think that we push it way back on the agenda because we put it in the category with fun.  We are so busy and hurried that we don’t realize how vital friendship is to our well being.  Our ancestors realized the importance of friendship. They knew that sitting down on the porch with a friend…meant something.  I want to realize it and enjoy it too.  I want to treasure others in the way that God intends.  

Love and friendship,