When I was a kid I remember a song that said “I love the rainy nights.”  Do you remember it?  Okay…well today we are chatting about rainy days.  As a child…I loved them. At school, it was always so cozy when it rained.  Now…not as much.  Don’t get me wrong…I love the rain for it’s intended purpose…I just enjoy the sunshine an awful lot. SONY DSC What do you do on rainy days?  They used to inspire me to clean.  Now days they inspire me to wrap up in a blanket and take a snooze.  That really isn’t an option today.  I have lots to do…but I do love the coziness that I feel on rainy days.SONY DSC Rainy days also inspire me to light candles.  Probably some cave woman instinct or something.  Just kidding.  Except I may kinda look like a cave woman.  At this point…bed head is still intact. SONY DSC Whatever you think about rainy days…I hope that your Friday is a good one.  Enjoy that weekend coming up.  Squeeze your loved ones and count your blessings…because God loves for us to do that.  He enjoys our thankful hearts.    Love from the Farmhouse,