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Totally not about my hair…although that is happening too.  I was wanting to update our dining room.  I was a bit tired of the Meringue Peaks. (Yellowish.) So after lots of thought…we went with Secret Locket by Glidden.  Actually…true to form…I had them doctor it a bit with a few squirts of white.  Momma knows…what Momma can live with. 😉 By the way…one tip before we get started:  If you want a true gray…pick from the card with black at the bottom.  If the darkest shade on your card has blue or purple or a brownish gray…your lighter shade will have that cast.  You already knew that?  Of course you did.  Dirt Roaders are smart.

The men in my life got free caps from the feed store so I borrowed one for this shot.  You are welcome…I think.  All of the photos in this post are shot with my iPhone.  It has been cloudy for days…so I will get some better shots later.

My sweet family is amazing.  I do the rolling and they come in with their steady hands and trim.  I am very thankful for that.

I love the way that white really shines with the gray.  I also love the classy farmhouse feel that it adds.  It is very serene.  That is important to me. This was kind of a big thing for me.  I have been painting everything white…but I really didn’t want that for this room.  I wanted color…and this is very cozy.  This is a place that we linger so the feel of the room matters a lot.  If you are thinking about painting…gray gets a big thumbs up from me.

There you have it.  Going gray at the Farmhouse.  Gray…not grey…because we live in America.  They paint…grey in Europe…just in case you wondered. #englishlessonfortheday 😉

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  God Bless!