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Last night in our mid-week service, our pastor’s wife talked about the verse above.  It’s found in the book of Proverbs in the Bible, chapter 3, verses 5-6.  It was wonderful.  I needed to hear that.  This is the verse that we had inscribed on my dad’s stone.  It’s also the only verse that I know of that he memorized.  He read his Bible each day…but quoting wasn’t one of his things.  This lesson was balm to my heart.  I just needed it for lots of areas in my life.  I’m sure that most people do.  Life is beautiful and wonderful and I live in awe of it…but it is also hard.  Even in that…God is so very good.  Expecting good things…I believe that God wants us to do that.  Trusting…comes into play there.

Now…about the junking.  Isn’t this little guy so sweet?  I’m not sure why I have been so drawn to these little vintage dogs of late.  I think that it might be the era.  I love vintage prints, especially with trees. (I got one of those too…I will have to show you…soon.)  This little guy reminds me of a doggy that is on my Granddad’s dresser. His grandma bought it for him, when he was a little boy, I do believe.  I love things like that.  This one is actually a bank.  His head comes off…so you can get the money out.  Something is missing from his collar…but I still love him.  His crackly goodness is very appealing to this vintage-loving soul.

Have you been needing to trust a little more lately?  Sometimes fear rises up…and tells us all sorts of bad things.  Trusting God…helps us take a deep breath.  We all need that…don’t we?  What about junking?  Have you found any treasures like the two dollar dog?  I would love to hear about either subject.  Leave me a comment and I will try to get back to you.

Have a wonderful Thursday, sweet Dirt Roaders,