Hi guys!  This week I have been taking down our Easter things that I had put out.  It was just a few bunnies and some daffodils, but I got started and then changed up the entryway a bit.  I just spiffed it a bit and gave it more of a clean look.  I am really enjoying that.  I do have to say that I cheated a bit and looked up Fixer Upper on Pinterest. Beautiful ideas for those of us that are crazy about Farmhouse Style.


I am still working on the other side.  I piddle with things until they have the perfect feel and then I leave them for a long while.  That is just the way that I roll.  I am also thinking…very seriously about painting the dining room and entryway.  I am wanting to brighten it up a bit.  If you are reading this Honey…don’t freak out.  lol!  Painting is not his favorite.


I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend.  I hope that you get to relax and count all of those blessing that God gives.  He loves us, Dirt Roaders!  Enjoy that!