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As you guys know, I tend to change up the blog a bit now and then.  I did a mini photo shoot and came up with a new shot for the header.  I just didn’t want you to think that you were at the wrong place.  Just kidding.  You guys are smart. So…let’s talk about the junk that is featured in the header.


First of all, I adore the badge for Along the Dirt Road.  Our cousin created that when I first started blogging and it is exactly me.  I love a simple and clean cut design.  He pegged it…totally.  Okay…so as far as the junk goes…I just added a few of my favorite things.  I love the old locker baskets.  I have had a thing for baskets for many years. (Can anyone say Longaberger? 😉  I love the metal ones…a lot.  Then we have a turquoise Ball jar.  Those have had my heart for many years too.  Then we have the vintage print.  I just love those.  There is something very dreamy about the prints from this era.  This one sort of reminds me of an old western….like The Big Valley…or something.  The last vintage piece in the header, is the little dog that I ordered on Ebay.  When he came in the mail, his little leg was broken.  The Mr. fixed him up right away.  I just think that he is adorable.  (The dog and The Mr.)

I have a couple of things up there that are not vintage, but I love them as well.  The first is the faux succulent that The Mr. gifted me for Valentine’s day.  The second is the baker’s twine from Pick Your Plum.  Their baker’s twine is the absolute best of any that I have seen.  (No…this is not a paid post.)  It is very durable, plus the rolls are huge.  If you don’t know much about Pick Your Plum…look them up.  They have daily deals that are sent to your email.  They have a HUGE selection of all different kinds of things.  Sometimes you have to be quick though.  I tried to order a maxi skirt one day and it was already sold out in like 14 minutes!  What!!!!????

Love from the Farmhouse,