Hey Guys!  How are you?  We are doing pretty good.  We have had a bit of some sort of stomach bug over the weekend…but I am pretty hopeful that we are on the upswing.  Fingers crossed and prayers said.  How is your Monday going so far?  I have had my coffee…so it’s getting better.



Are you one of those folks that love Monday?  My husband does.  I love that about him.  It inspires those of us, in our home, that are less enthusiastic about the beginning of the week.  You want to know a secret though?  After 19 years, I am becoming more like him. I know!  It’s crazy.  Self-professed Thursday lover…enjoying Monday?  You want to hear another secret?  He likes the end of the week too!  I know that this sounds crazy…but it’s the marriage of an overachiever and a creative type.  I love it that we tend to balance each other out and see things from the other person’s point of view.  It creates a nice balance.  He inspires my work ethic, I inspire him to slow down and enjoy.



Are you banging your head against the computer?  Are you thinking…”Why am I reading this?”  It will be okay, sweet Dirt Roader.  Pour yourself another cup of coffee and jump in.  After all…Thursday is right around the corner.  😉


Love from the Farmhouse,