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Hey guys!  How is the weather out there?  We, here in Missouri, are never sure about that one.  There may be some snow in our winter forecast…but no one is really sure.  I need to go to the grocery store…but it will be crazy.  If you tell folks in our area that we are going to get one snow flurry…they rush out to buy bottled water.  We tend to be a bit dramatic in this neck of the woods.


I have two weather forecasters in my life.  One is the Mr.  the other one is his mother.  They funny thing is…their forecasts never match.  She told me that we would get a wintery-mix, he said only rain.  I guess that it remains to be seen.  That still doesn’t change the fact that I need to rush out, with the masses, and buy fresh fruit and veggies.  (Maybe some bottled water too.)


Lest you think that we are all totally crazy, as most small town folk tend to be, let me explain.  Where we live…it is hilly.  I’m not talking one or two.  I’m talking…basically hills everywhere.  When it gets icy…it’s pretty much a go…that your are not going anywhere.  We live with this…happily.  The older I get, the less that being snowed in is a problem.  Plus…we have been off in the ditch on the dirt road before and the tow truck was at the top of the….hill…on the black top…and would not come and pull us out, for fear of getting stuck.  Um….okay. (Thanks Dad…for trying…by calling us in a favor.)  Thankfully…the sweet Lord above…helped us out of that one.  So…that explains a little of our small town crazy winter behavior.


I love cozy days at home.  It’s pretty blustery out today.  I have two good books to read, a rag quilt to get started on, and of course my SAHM jobs.  There is actually a load of towels waiting to be lifted to their warm and cozy dryer right now.  I had better hop to it.

This Winter Weather News has been brought to you…

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