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Okay.  That is a bit of a corny title.  Hey…it’s Friday.  Let’s let our hair down a little.  Crafty Cactus can bring much joy to your life and home.  Sheesh…I should have been a saleslady.  lol!  On a side note…I have already been out in the yard, chasing an ornery little bull calf back into the pasture.  I loved every minute of it.  I’m crazy that way.  Ask my mom…I used to want to be a vet.  Not the military kind.  The animal doctor kind.  Farming is close enough.  Trust me.  Total rabbit trail.  Let’s get back to Crafty Cactus.


Sooooo….somewhere on Instagram…I spotted a cute Ball jar, that was painted white.  I loved it.  I wish I knew where I saw it…because I would totally give her credit.  I already had the little cactus friend.  I just love how cheery she is in the middle of winter.  You have to watch her though.  I poked myself yesterday.

This is such an easy project.  I hunted up some white paint and after it dried, used a little steel wool on the raised parts of the jar.  Easy peasy.  I promise.  This would look adorable with herbs or any other kind of small plant too.


I will admit that Ball jars are actually a big part of life around here.  In the summer, you probably wouldn’t catch me painting one.  I use them a lot.  When canning is in full swing, I need jars at my disposal.  I guess I had better paint while the garden is lying dormant.  (Except for the turnips that are out there.)


So…if you are feeling crafty this weekend, remember Crafty Cactus.  She is bright and cheery with a tad of shabby on the side.  She is also sporting a bit of this nation’s history…living in a Ball jar.  She is quite a gal…that Crafty Cactus.

You have permission to roll your eyeballs. 😉

Love from the Farmhouse,



p.s. After I posted…the lovelies over at Lolly Jane commented on my IG shot.  It was them!  Their cactus is lovely.  Thank you girls for your creativity!