I am in awe today.  I just started a little online workshop on the Fruits of the Spirit.  I started it on Saturday and it is totally amazing…what God has already been doing in my life and the life of our little family.  Even in the week before I started it…He was already prepping.  Isn’t that just like Him?  I love it that He goes before us.


I heard someone say recently, that in following Him…they felt like they left Him behind.  Does that make sense to you?  It makes perfect sense to me and I have actually lived my life that way too.  We get so busy…taking care of everything that we think that we are doing for Him…that we don’t realize that we ran ahead…working and being busy…and He wanted us to pause, way back there on the path and enjoy some moments…with Him.  I am so excited to serve the God that wants to spend time with us.  He wants us to pause and ponder.  Yes…there is much to do, while it is day…but God works in our hearts when we pause and listen to Him.


Last night, after we got home from church, I walked out back to check on the goats and the calf.  It was almost dark and the moon was high in the sky, with one star right there beside it.  I was very aware at that moment…of God’s divine hand in our lives.  It was quiet…and it was just for a moment…but I felt like my heart was soaring up to His.  It was a moment for me to pause on the path…with Him.  I had already been to church and I had been setting aside time for Him that day…but in the secret place…with just the two of us…my soul was fed.  My point is this:  Living a fruitful life…is so well rounded.  We serve the God of balance.  He wants us to set aside a time of worship and fellowship with believers.  Our pastor preached an AMAZING message…right from the heart of God, last night.  It was so very real and right where we all live.  It was a banquet of food for our souls…if we apply what was served.  God also wants us to work and to love on folks and show them His way.  Some of us are so very good at that.  All of that has a beginning though.  It is in the secret place with Him.  It starts in your heart…and in your moments…alone…with Him.  Fruit is born out of this time.  Love for the God that sees us and hears us…is born out of the quiet moments. I have so much to learn…and we all fail from time to time…but He has my attention.


Loving God…and picking ticks,

(Yes…I had one…when I got back in.  There is always opposition, but God is way bigger than the ticks.) 😉