Hey Guys!  How are ya doing this fine Friday?  Do you have anything fun planned?  Maybe you fun begins after your work day.  I have been itchin’ to go junkin’ but have been bitten by the allergy bug.  No fun at all.  It’s that time of year though.  Hopefully…things will feel like summer soon.


I do apologize for the partial picture of the fried pie yesterday.  I tried and tried to load that.  I didn’t take it off though…because I wanted you to at least get a glimpse of how pretty they are.  Pretty and delicious.  That is a win/win.


I need to go to the grocery store in a major way too.  Sometimes that is fun.  Sometimes…not so much.  Friday is not the best day to go either.  Everyone and their brother and brother’s dog are there.  Okay…not the dog…but you get it.  We are out of snacks…and to my family, that means that we are out of food.


Whatever your plans today, I hope that you have at least a little fun.  Friday always felt like a party day when I was a little girl.  Party days are good…even if you just treat yourself to something little.  Live inside of each moment, sweet Dirt Roaders.  Celebrate life all the time.  Really…it’s okay.

Hanging out in the country,