Okay…so with a title like that…let’s cut to the chase.  I’m not sure why my pictures are having trouble uploading when I blog from my phone.  I didn’t even realize that it had happened until I looked at the blog today.   Rats!  Well…I’m gonna try…one more time.  Plus…I am gonna give you an amazing FRIED PIE recipe!  I know.  I love you too!

This crust is amazing.  It doesn’t soak up the grease!  My MIL is a genius.  She not only grew the most amazing man on the planet in her womb…she found this recipe.  Okay…okay…she can’t take ALL the credit for my husband, God did that part…but she DID find this amazing recipe.  Good job…Moany!  (Her first name is Ramona and I like to call her Moany. Um…actually I like to give everyone nicknames.)


(Isn’t the Rhonna Designs app fun?  Moving right along…)

Back to the fried pies.  I hope that you make them and love them.  I also hope that my pictures upload.  That would be a huge plus.  If not…it’s back to hackin’ it out on the old Dell.  😉


Cray cray in the country,