Do you get the decorating bug at your house?  I do.  I get the itch to decorate and move things and even clean.  I know…strange.


I don’t really have projects in mind for the summer that are inside the house.  We have several going on outside and that has most of our attention.  Even in that though…I love coming back in to a clean and snazzy looking house.  I did mention painting the other day.  The Mr. didn’t jump for joy.  😉


As you all know, I can a lot in the summer.  I love having a clean kitchen with freshly scrubbed counter tops.  Yes…ask my close friends and family.  I have a thing for wiping the counters.  I’m surprised that ours aren’t wearing thin.  lol!  One of my favorite things to decorate is the kitchen…but I try to keep it fairly simple.  Do you ever take everything off of your counters and wipe it down and then start over?  Fun…fun.  I read of people on IG that do this with whole rooms.  I might have to give that a try one of these days.  Come to think of it…I did once.  They had to re-stretch our carpet when it was new.  Everything was moved onto the laminate.  I am making myself excited to decorate and move things…just writing this post.  Itchy…itchy…scratchy…scratchy.


I hope that you are inspired to move and shake a little.  Change can be refreshing and fun.  Plus…it’s free!

Love from the dirt road,