There was a little lady…that didn’t live in a shoe…yet she had so many squash that she didn’t know what to do.”


Is that ever you during gardening season? Squash of any kind, once you get it to growing and if you can keep those pesky squash bugs away, will go crazy.

During my Paw Paw’s hospital stay a couple of weeks ago, we had plenty of time to visit about our gardens while sitting in the waiting room.  You know how looooooooooooong that can be.  Thankfully, the subject of squash came up and my great-aunt Bonnie shared some of her “squashly” wisdom with me.  Not only is it a new recipe…but it’s also a way of preserving the abundance of your harvest.  That is a win/win in my squash book.  Okay…I don’t really have a squash book…but you know what I mean.  😉


Now…I have to throw in these facts:  Aunt Bonnie did not give me a recipe.  She is from the generation that thinks that cooking is just common sense…so just go do it.  I will explain it to you…like she explained it to me.  I know…but sometimes ya just gotta wing it.


Aunt Bonnie’s Squash Fritters

Shredded Zucchini

(This is the preserving part.  She told me that you can just grate your zucchini and put it into freezer bags.  Then when you want it…just pop it out of the freezer and thaw!)  Awesomesauce right?  Right!

Egg (eyeball it)

Bread crumbs (I don’t remember if she told me this part…but surely she did.)

Parmesan cheese


Directions: Thaw your frozen zucchini.  Then mix it with enough egg and bread crumbs to form little patties. Also add in Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Fry in oil of your choosing.  I would say that she probably uses veggie oil or canola.  (Like I said…her generation is not into specifics.)  Fry until browned on both sides.


It’s funny.  This is my kind of recipe.  I guess after years of picking the brains of the older generations…I have learned to cook like this too.  It’s just sort of common sense.  I’m sorry that this blog doesn’t really cater to the precise cook.  I guess I’m just casual in the kitchen.  I love it that way though…when it comes to cooking a main dish.  Now of course, baking is a different story.  You need exact measurements.  Sometimes it’s frustrating to get a dessert recipe from the older ones…but I really appreciate the simplicity of their day. I also appreciate my grandmothers straining their brains to help me write their dessert recipes down.  It has been a challenge at times…but after some practice…I am now able to make fluffy meringue with the best of ’em.  Whew!


I hope that your mmmMonday! is wonderful.  May your supper be filling this evening, Dirt Roaders.  May you go to bed with a contented smile of your face…giving thanks to the Provider of it all.  After all….He loves you…and has your best interest at heart.

From our dirt road…to yours,


p.s. I didn’t grate my zucchini.  My daughter and I used my handy dandy new Martha Stewart peeler with the julienne blade.  I love it.  I had wanted that three pack of Martha Stewart peelers from Macy’s for a long time.  I finally caved.  (Btw:  This is not a paid post….this one is on the house.)