So tell me, Dirt Roaders.  Are you going to go junkin’ this weekend?  Junkin’ is fun.  It’s relaxing and it’s a thrifty hobby…most of the time.

This little jar was a junkin’ find.  If you follow me on Instagram (alongthedirtroad) you have already seen it.  It came from the thrift store.  It wasn’t as cheap as I would have liked…but I’m sure that it was way cheaper than I would have paid…if it had of been new.


I will not be junking.  I have a wedding to attend and coordinate.  Wish me luck.  This is the first time that I have had this job in a wedding.  Actually…keep the luck…just say a prayer for me…please.  🙂

Maybe you are going to pull out your fall decor?  Is that jumping the gun?  Maybe.  My MIL and I were talking about this though…and we both love to decorate for fall.  It’s our favorite.  So…you know…it’s your house…do whatcha want.  I may wait a while…but…that doesn’t keep me from picking up a few things here and there.


Whatever you do this weekend, I hope that you enjoy your home.  I hope that you find little things to do that make you feel cozy and thankful to God above for His provision in your life.  After all…we just borrow these things for a while.  Isn’t it fun though? That ol’ Proverbs 31 gal…she had it right…making things cozy for her family.  I believe that her bunch loved coming back home to her.  By the grace of God…I want it to be that way for mine.