Hey Dirt Roaders!  Guess what?  It’s rainy here.  It’s rainy and cozy and I have an Apple Strudel candle burning…and Cider Mill warming in the Scentsy pot.

This pumpkin is another favorite.  Along with the little bowl.  What a wonderful vingette...favorite things.

Now where did that come from?  Ha!


Oh my.  There is another one. My apologies to those that are squeezing the last drop out of summer.  We are too…..I just LOVE to decorate for fall….so I can’t help but dream a little.


Are you feeling the brisk breeze and the warmth of a fluffy sweatshirt…right out of the dryer?


Okay….okay.  I know that it’s barely August.  I’m not trying to rush you.  We all know that time seems to pass too quickly as it is.  I guess we could look at it more like…I’m just giving you something to look forward too.

Autumn Wishes

Love from our dirt road to yours,