Hey Friends!  It’s Friday…you did it!  Do you have big plans?  The older I get…the more I love having no plans.  Is that crazy?  I crave quiet moments and peace.  Quick…pass me the Geritol. ha!


Are you guys getting winter weather?  If you are…and you are longing for spring, I’m sorry.  It’s not snowy here.  It’s just very rainy.  We can use the rain though.  It gets very dry during the summer in the Ozarks, most years.


Maybe you are going to cook something to tingle all of the taste buds in your family?  That would be fun.  Or maybe you have a stack of cast iron that needs to be seasoned.  That sounds like work…but I enjoy it.  When I was just a new bride I would come home from work and start supper in  our tiny little kitchen and relax.  There is something about the kitchen that does that for me.  I am an old soul…I guess.


iron skillet

Maybe you have a little DIY planned.  We have a little room painting on the agenda…but not this weekend.  I’m getting excited about this little project that is brewing though.  More about that later.


If your weekend is full of laundry,  I’m sorry.  Don’t spend all of your time working on it.  Or if you have to at least read a good book between switching it out.  Or go outside and build a snowman in between.  (I’m sorry if that is a reality in your neck of the woods.)  Or you could lay on the couch and eat bonbons between loads.  That sounds relaxing.


Whatever you do, Dirt Roaders, don’t forget to reflect on the blessings that God is giving you.  Maybe you can find a small quiet corner in the middle of the chaos and reflect on all things wonderful…and take deep breaths.  Stress…strain and worry are not a part of His plan for us.  Don’t forget to relax…no matter what your weekend plans are.  You are important…..God said so.

house 1