It’s mmmMonday! Dirt Road people.  I hope that you had a fantab weekend and that you are ready to talk food.  We are gonna jaw about burgers a bit today.  We all love burgers right?  I thought so.

Hamburgers are one of my all time faves.  I rarely ever get tired of them.  I grew up eating my mom’s pan-fried version.  She would cook them and then steam the buns.  Ahhhhh…..a tiny slice of Heaven on earth.  My MIL cooks her burgers the same way…and my kids want my husband to fry our burgers here at home…because he makes them like Mamaw.  (He can also grill a mean burger.)




Now days when we make burgers in the house we use an iron skillet.  I just love the way that they turn out.  The even heat makes a world of difference to me.  (I kinda have a “thang” for iron skillets…anyway.) I like my burger a little on the “done” side…and the iron skillet is perfect for this.

I’m wondering how you feel about toppings?  Are you a mustard and ketchup kind of person?  Do you love a burger dripping with mayo?  Would you like to know my absolute favorite topping on a burger?  It’s avocado.  I LOVE avocado on my burger and I have for quite some time.  I also love a big ol’ hunk of onion on my burger. ( Pass me a Cert please.)  I am patiently waiting for the garden tomatoes to add to my list of veggies that I pile on my burger.  Mmmm… can’t beat that.




When you think about it, hamburgers are such a simple food….and yet Google says that Americans as a whole consume 13 BILLION hamburgers in a year.  The average American eats one hundred hamburgers a year and that figures out to a fourth of a burger every day.  Wowza!  We are a burger eating people. (RV…that was for you.)

I hope that you have a wonderful mmmMonday! Dirt Roaders.  I hope that you fry a hamburger at home and add a little avocado.  (I hope that you like it.)  Try something new on your burger.  Go wild!  😉


p.s. I would love to hear about your burger routine.  Leave me a comment…..they make me so happy.  🙂