Okay…okay.  It wasn’t as bad as all that.  Pretty bad, but not that bad.  Would you like to hear about it?  Of course you would.  You’re here, ain’tchee?  (Sorry…it’s the Ozarkian coming out.)

Last spring the birds were singing and the grass was…um…greening and I was in the mood to plant flowers.  The greenhouse is one of my happy places.  I love all of the growing things and the sun warming my face.  The only thing is…it costs money to go to the greenhouse.  I try not to go too much.  This actually has nothing to do with the story because the flowers came from Wal-Mart.  hmmmm…..Where am I?  ha!  Just kidding.  Onward…Dirt Roaders.


So I was at Wal-Mart with the Mr. and I spotted these beautiful, faded, purplish-bluish pansies.  When I saw them I thought of country roads and little grandmas with aprons and all things cozy and farmhousey.  I knew that they would look amazing in the old wash tub that Mom gave me.  (There is the junk that we were waiting for.) I also have a thing for old wash tubs.  Greenhouses and wash tubs, who knew?

pansies 2

We bought the flowers.  I was so excited.  As you can tell, it doesn’t take much.  I planted them in the wash tub.  There they were sitting on our front porch…right by the door. So quaint…my little pansies.  I could sit in our porch swing and enjoy their beauty that seemed like something from yesteryear.  Right up my alley.

Until.  Yes…the next day or maybe two..(it was so horrific I might have suppressed some of it)…I went downstairs and peeked at my pansies through the sidelight.  That was my first mistake that day.  Our stupid precious Basset Hound, Suzie had decided that she loved the pansies too.  She loved them so much that she was going to dig them out and lay her big bod…in the wash tub.  It was a mess.  A pansy massacre.

pansies 1

Do you see Suzie “innocently” waiting for me to go inside? Yeah…me too. (Pardon her…she isn’t very decent.) ha!

I don’t have a picture of the pansy massacre.  Oh and by the way…I was just kidding about the “dead dog” part.  We love Suzie.  She is stubborn and crazy but we love her.  It seems that, anything we put outside…our pets assume is for their enjoyment.  Sigh.  What I put up with to have a good, barking dog.  She is fierce you know.  😉

pansies 3

Yes…that is a dog ear in the lower left corner. She was biding her time.

Pray for my wash tub, Dirt Roaders.  This year it’s hosting geraniums…that I actually kept inside all winter.  I love geraniums.  My big geranium is in a rusty bucket and the small one is in a flower-pot.  When they bloom I will try to take a picture for you.  As long as Suzie minds her own business…that is.

Smiles and Laughter,