Hey guys!  I hope that all is going well for you on this “Easter Eve.”  Are you  up to your elbows in egg dye?  I will be… in just a bit.  I’m wondering how it’s gonna go.  Our chickens lay all brown eggs.  I have never tried to dye a brown egg.  We are going to try though.  😉  How’s that for farmhousey?

Are you busy today planning a meal for tomorrow?  Are you going to use your heirloom china or do you plan on a quick and easy clean up?  They are both wonderful in my opinion.  They both have their place.



Maybe you are spending some time today on your Easter frock.  Now doesn’t that sound lovely?  I love to take pictures of our kids all dressed up in their Easter finery.  (I also love to take pictures of them when they are covered in dirt from the garden.  Yeah…that’s just the way we moms roll.)  Are you going to be rockin’ the sea foam green tomorrow?  Or maybe you are going with emerald green…the color of the year.


Thanks for the visit today, Dirt Roaders.  I hope that you have a wonderful Easter Sunday.  I hope that you spend a beautiful day with your family and eat the most blessed of meals.  I hope that you get to delight in little ones running around peeking in the grass for colored eggs.  (Watch out for the wonky colored ones…those might be ours.)  I hope that if you attend an Easter service, that it is so precious that words cannot explain the depth.  Most of all though….my hope for all of us… is that we let the meaning… of the Sacrifice of Easter….nestle way down deep in our hearts…to burn bright all year long.


Easter Blessings…from our dirt road to yours!